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Portugal Summer University on Entrepreneurship apresentado na Web Summit


This project was presented at the Web Summit in Lisbon on November 9th.

The project was presented by Rui Coutinho, professor at the School of Technology and Management (ESTG) and responsible for the Porto Design Factory, and André Magalhães, councillor of Amarante City Hall, host of the initiative (in the photo). It is an international project of the Amarante City Hall, the Inter-Municipal Community of Tâmega and Sousa (CIM-TS), InvestAmarante, P. PORTO through ESTG and Porto Design Factory, which consists of a summer academy that will bring together more than 40 entrepreneurs, for two weeks, and whose main objective is cooperation in the development of industrial start-ups. Rui Coutinho emphasized that our country and essentially our region, Tâmega e Sousa, is rich in traditional and manufacturing industries that have leveraged the economy of the country, and it’s therefore important to continue to feed its innovation chain and it’s crucial to keep contact with companies, as they are often small business owners and family businesses. André Magalhães, reveals that this is a project, inspired by many other projects at an international level, of great importance for the region, which contributes so much to the economy, and which will bring together several entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs who want to work in the industrial area and above all will create real products. He also highlighted the nice that it is working with ESTG and with the largest polytechnic in the country, the Porto Polytechnic. It is a hands-on project that aims to bring together the best of the Portuguese business ecosystem, with a unique training program that helps develop new industrial and business ideas essentially in the metalworking, footwear, textile, wood and agro-industrial sectors.