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IDFW 2018 - International Design Factory Week


Porto Design Factory is International Design Factory Week 2018 host! The IDFW will happen from 18-24 June 2018.

The Design Factory has come a long way since then: the concept and its main foundations have become an international benchmark for passionate educators and proactive institutions, from all around the world, who share the vision of transforming the way talent is nurtured at higher education.

Its core concept - passion-based co-creation and learning - is currently widespread in various universities, research centers and companies and has inspired many iterations and variations within academic, industry development and even technology transfer programs.

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of Aalto Design Factory, the groundbreaking and seminal project originating from Aalto University with the goal “to educate the world’s best product designers”.

As a community of passionate practitioners and educators started gathering around Aalto Design Factory, the concept rapidly outgrew Aalto University’s borders and, sometimes as a result of planning, but more often in an organic way, Design Factories started opening up in the four corners of the world. These Design Factories rapidly became a community of practice and a tight network of extraordinary projects and people.

Today, DFGN - Design Factory Global Network - has 24 members spread out through 5 continents around the globe. 24 Design Factories, all different in size, purpose, scientific coverage or business model, that share the same common idea: passion based co-creation and learning.

And this year, Porto is International Design Factory Week host!!

Our program for the week:

These will be our participants:
IDFW 2018 Participants