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CBI Final Presentation


Challenge-Based Innovation teams did their final presentations. Working in collaboration with CERN, our students are accelerating tech-transfer for social impact!

At PDF Bday we had CBI - Challenge-Based Innovation final presentations!! 
In this program, team CB-OND and team IPIRANGA worked in collaboration with IdeaSquare at CERN to propose applications of CERN technology that benefit society in the future for 2020, 2025 and 2030, colliding technology with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


COOLBA’s main purpose is to reduce the E-waste of households’ appliances. It’s based on the 2PACL, a CERN technology, and combines 3 household utilities: Fridge, Heating and Air-Con.

COOLBA is a centralized system capable of refrigeration and heating, using a shared CO2 circuit and compressor, therefore reducing the number of singular systems per home.

GeoLight (Team Ipiranga)

On a daily basis, Geolight Works as a street light that is capable of capturing the CO2 from the air.

Once the flame detector is activated, Geolight launches the CO2 (that has been previously pressurized and turned into liquid) to contain the fire and avoid its spreading until the fire-fighters arrive.

See how our students are accelerating tech-transfer for social impact!