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LAMPE will help Moroccan children guide their way

LAMPE, a project that was born during Make-a-thon Portugal, from Porto Design Factory, is a lantern that, after being charged at school, illuminates the way the home for Moroccan children.

Make-a-thon Portugal, an event created and promoted by Porto Design Factory, is a creative and interdisciplinary marathon inspired in the Maker Movement which accelerates innovative ideas into physical and digital prototypes, focusing on the process of making things together. The first edition, which took place between 21 and 23 June 2019, was based on the UN's sustainable development goals and thus, the construction of products or devices that would help to fulfill these objectives and that would promote a positive social impact.

LAMPE was one of the many projects that emerged during the first edition of Make-a-thon Portugal and that would keep moving forward by the hands of their creators.

LAMPE is a flashlight that consists of a built-in power bank with 6 hours autonomy and five LEDs that will be installed in Moroccan schools, so that, during classes, the flashlights can be charged and later taken by the children home.
The innovative idea will allow children to guide their way through the country's dark roads and also study at times that without access to light would not be possible.

The opportunity to take the idea to Morocco came at Uniraid, a solidarity car trip, through Morocco, for university students. During the various stages, students deliver over 40 kg of materials to various desert villages.

The first 30 LAMPE units will be delivered between the 15th and 23rd of February.