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Porto Business Innovation

Porto Business Innovation (PBI) is a connection between academia, business reality, society and public administrations. Based on knowledge and process innovation, Porto Business Innovation aims to promote new business opportunities and develop new products and services to reach the market quickly. PBI benefits from the Porto Polytechnic's several areas of activity, such as its researchers and research units, to promote consulting services to companies. PBI's areas of expertise are engineering in partnership with ISEP and ESTG, business with ISCAP and ESTG, health through ESS, creative industries with ESMAD, ESE and ESMAE and finally hospitality and tourism through ESHT.

Porto Business Innovation offers the community the following services:

- Wood based prototyping;

- 3D and 2D printing;

-Introduction workshops to various subjects;

- Project consulting;

- Electronics;

- Reservation of daily workshops;

- Complementary training.