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About Us

Porto Design Factory is an experimental learning platform of co-creation for interdisciplinary education, innovation and acceleration of new ideas, products and business. It is also the catalyst for an experimental educational culture based on "passion-based learning", aiming to promote better results in learning, enhance employability and improve the interface with companies.

 At Porto Design Factory we are totally agnostic when it comes to technology choices, pedagogical frameworks, research methodologies or business models.

However, all projects at Porto Design Factory must comply
with 5 requirements:

#1 Team
#2 Interdisciplinary
#3 International
#4 Impact
#5 User-centered 

Throughout their stay at Porto Design Factory, students and inhabitants will work on projects that enable the development of 10 core skills:

#1 Complex Problem Solving
#2 Critical Thinking
#3 Creativity
#4 People Management
#5 Coordinating with Others
#6 Emotional Intelligence
#7 Judgement and Decision Making
#8 Service Orientation
#9 Negotiation
#10 Cognitive Flexibility

Porto Design Factory’s model was developed to work directly with undergraduate, master or post-graduate students, through an integrated path designed to empower them to become the new generation of global innovators. During this path, students can work on three different stages: education, innovation and acceleration. These stages focus on helping the students to learn different transversal skills and competences, that respond to the new challenges and demands of the market and add value to the technical and specialized education they acquired at P. PORTO or other universities.