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Marketing (Evening courses) (Evening Classes)

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342 - Marketing e publicidade
Number: R/A-Ef 3353/2011
No. dispatch/concierge: Despacho nº 19049/2008 (2ª Série)
1º Year
Curricular unit Period ECTS
Economics II Summer Semester
Marketing II Summer Semester
Mathematics II Summer Semester
Business English II Summer Semester
Business and Industrial Property Law Summer Semester
Introduction to Financial Accounting Summer Semester
Interpersonal Skills Summer Semester
Marketing I Winter Semester
Organization and Business Management Winter Semester
Mathematics I Winter Semester
Business English I Winter Semester
Information Technology Winter Semester
Fundamentals of Law Winter Semester
Economics I Winter Semester
2º Year
Curricular unit Period ECTS
Quality Management Summer Semester
Elective I Summer Semester
Conditional elective II Summer Semester
Foreknowledge Methods Summer Semester
Fiscal Law Summer Semester
Statistic II Summer Semester
Distribution Marketing Summer Semester
Creativity and Innovation in Marketing Summer Semester
Financial Marketing Summer Semester
Advertising and Competition Law Winter Semester
Services Marketing Winter Semester
Administration and Sale Techniques Winter Semester
Cost Accounting Winter Semester
Statistic I Winter Semester
Consumer's Behaviour Winter Semester
Marketing Communication Winter Semester
3º Year
Curricular unit Period ECTS
Organisational Behaviour Summer Semester
Industrial Marketing Summer Semester
Advertising Communication Summer Semester
Free Elective V Summer Semester
Conditional Elective VI Summer Semester
Design Management Summer Semester
Marketing Simulation/traineeship/Project Summer Semester
Professional Practice Summer Semester
Financial Management Summer Semester
Marketing Simulation Summer Semester
Project Summer Semester
Brand and Product Management Winter Semester
Elective III Winter Semester
Conditional Elective IV Winter Semester
Decision Support Systems Winter Semester
Market Studies Winter Semester
Financial Mathematics Winter Semester
International Marketing Winter Semester
Marketing Planning and Control Winter Semester

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