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Postgraduate Programme in Furniture Design (Evening Classes)

The furniture industry has evolved alongside the industrial activity, allowing for the technological advances to adapt to the available raw materials and to the constant market needs.

Nowadays, the strong commercial competitiveness in the furniture industry and the constant renewal of its models result in a greater need to equip professionals with a broad training in the sector, by providing them with a sound technical preparation, both artistic and cultural, as well as with specific knowledge in the areas of management and business organisation, and in the production processes and technologies.

In addition to having ideas and materialising them in projects, a furniture designer must be able to build his/her own prototypes, organise production in studios or companies, as well as possess the necessary criteria to improve or reproduce historical and contemporary models.


Accredited for: Acreditado preliminarmente

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1º Year
Curricular unit Period ECTS
Visualização e Apresentação (Incl.exposição Final e Apresentação) Summer Semester
Design de Produção e Gestão (Incluindo Seminários) Summer Semester
Furniture Project Design III Summer Semester
Furniture Project Design I Winter Semester
Design in the Furniture Context Winter Semester
Furniture Project Design II Winter Semester
  • After completing the Programme successfully, students will have the skill set required of those who pursue or wish to pursue a career as a designer in the furniture business. They will possess a broad, technical, humanistic and practical perspective which will enable them to work in specific areas of furniture production, namely:
  • as an entrepreneur in a SME, creating, producing and marketing their own furniture;
  • as a consultant to studios and companies, both for the organisation of production and provision of ideas;
  • as a staff member of the Market Research and Communication departments in furniture, raw materials and furniture components companies;
  • as a staff member in a furniture company, responsible for the communication between the company and other professionals of the sector;
  • as a freelancer, offering new ideas for furniture design or solving production problems;
  • as professional responsible for the maintenance, preservation and renovation of traditional furniture, as well as for the reproduction of historical and contemporary models.

The applicants should have one of the following:

A bachelor's degree or its legal equivalent;

A foreign higher education degree, awarded upon completion of a 1st study cycle organized according to the Bologna model by a State who has adhered to this Process;

A foreign higher education degree, which by decision of the Technical-Scientific Council is recognised as satisfying the objectives of a bachelor's degree;

An academic, scientific and/or professional curriculum which the Technical-Scientific Council recognises as proof of the candidate¿s preparedness for the study cycle.