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Universities of the Future

The University of the Future project addresses the gap between industries and higher education by developing new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and re-qualifying current workers. The University of the Future aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and digital skills of the teaching staff of higher education and the staff of the various companies facilitating the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge. 


- A common body of knowledge about industry / region 4.0 readiness / maturity and the impact related to knowledge exchange, enhancement / requalification (a model of cooperation with and for higher education institutions, companies and governments).

- Innovative lessons on key Industry 4.0 topics / components, targeting undergraduate and masters students.

- Continuous training programs / short courses on key Industry 4.0 topics / components, targeting employees who are interested in improving their skills.

- A collective post-graduation based on creative strategies applied to industry 4.0, targeting workers interested in implementing pilot projects to accelerate the digital transformation of their companies.

- Guide and support resources directed to higher education institutions, corporate decision-making bodies, the government and educators / instructors.

- A virtual teaching and learning factory for industry 4.0, filled with tools and resources, allowing direct public contact with key industry and education 4.0 components.