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Portugal Tourism Minds

The main goal of the project - Portugal Tourism Minds - is the creation of two acceleration programs which will apply the design thinking methodology which is unique at a national level. 

However, STARTUP PORTO of P.PORTO wanted to go further. Each program will be tailored to the business that will integrate it through concrete training activities, choosing specific mentors and coaches for each of them and workshops aimed at the sector in which they belong. Besides that, it will  enhance a collaborative spirit and the exchange of experiences, processes, results among all the participants, even fostering the possibility of creating a company through more than one business. 

The Project - Portugal Tourism Minds focuses on the realization of 2 business idea acceleration programs that aim to provide a specific response to a specific segment and a set of challenge priorities within the FIT (Fostering Innovation in Tourism) of Portugal Tourism:

Program 1 - Digital Fast-Track Tourism: Improve digital responses within segmentation and personalization, articulated with the strategic assets defined in the Tourism Strategy 2027; 

Program 2 - Tourism Design Business – Maximize the operations of companies in the field of tourism, focused on the innovation of existing products / services or the creation of new processes / products / services in the various areas, from management, trade, logistics, mobility, sustainability. This innovation should enable greater efficiency in the core business of companies. 

The program has a partnership with AHRESP - Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Similars of Portugal, and Tourism of Porto and Northern Portugal.

Learn more and apply at www.portugaltourismminds.pgh.ipp.pt