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Business Development

Porto Business Innovation is the entrance for an interface between academic, business realities, society and public administrations.

 Based on the knowledge and innovation of the processes Porto Business Innovation aims to promote new business opportunities and develop new products and services with a fast way to the market. 
Porto Business Innovation benefits from the several areas of activity, from Politécnico do Porto, their researchers and research units to leverage the consulting services provided to the companies.            
The areas of activity of the PBI are engineering in partnership with ISEP and ESTG, business with ISCAP and ESTG, Health through ESS, Creative Industries with ESMAD, ESE and ESMAE and finally, hotel and tourism through ESHT.

By taking advantage of Porto Global Hub workshop facilities and specialized staff, Porto Business Innovation offers to the community the following services:

  • Wood-based prototyping;
  • 3D and 2D printing;
  • Workshops of introduction to various subjects;
  • Project consulting;
  • Electronics;
  • Workshop daily reservation;
  • Complementary training;